Plus Size Dresses and Outfits

Ann Balon is not interested in the catwalk. She designs clothes for real women in the real world, including sensational plus size dresses and outfits. Every woman wants to look stunning on her special day and an Ann Balon outfit gives the look, the comfort and the confidence to shine as the mother of the bride or groom, elegant wedding guest, on a romantic cruise or just on that special night out.

A plus size wedding outfit or dress from Ann Balon combines creative design, skilled dressmaking techniques and careful attention to decorative detail. For a mother of the bride or groom an Ann Balon outfit is a timeless classic that will turn heads and win compliments on this, her most special day.

Perfect for any Shape

The Ann Balon plus styles are especially designed and cut to flatter the fuller figure with particular attention to fabrics, shape, line, sleeves, straps and comfort. The Ann Balon unstructured look works in harmony with the body, respecting curves, hiding bumps and bringing graceful flowing movement.

Plus size dresses and outfits by Ann Balon are the ultimate combination of glamour and elegance, luxury and comfort. Choose with confidence from Ann Balon’s range of beautiful plus size dress and jacket combinations and elegant 3 piece outfits. Most plus styles are available in XL – 4XL (size 16 – 26) and in a tasteful choice of soft pastel colours or stronger vibrant tones for all seasons and occasions.

Plus Size Styles

The Ann Balon collection features a number of plus size dresses  and outfits  that have been specifically designed for the needs of the fuller figure. Ann has paid particular attention to small details down to the width of the straps, the proportions of the sleeves, the cut of the neckline, the weight of material, the overall comfort of the fit. In addition, due to popular demand, we are now offering many styles from the standard collections in a further plus size XL option.


Including stunning plus size dresses with smart jackets and 3 piece outfits, the Occasions collection features delicate feminine Lake Como lace, generously hand applied appliqué, rich decoration and a subtle sparkle of sequins. And, of course, all outfits are designed not only for elegance but also for comfort, so that the wearer will look and feel great. Many exquisite fabrics and a wonderful colour palette to choose from.

Ann Balon outfits can be complemented with matching hats, fascinators and other accessories, available from most stockists of wedding outfit accessories. Ann Balon’s Occasions is the place to look for the very finest plus size outfits and dresses.

Browse Plus Size Dresses

The full Occasions collection can be browsed by visiting the Collections page. Perfect for mother of the bride and mother of the groom. Click on images to view Ann Balon plus size dresses and outfits.